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  • 13 October 2014

    Brand Value In Engineering Excellence

    In public perceptions of engineering, the word ”creativity” may not be the first to spring to mind, even though those at the forefront of technology development know that creativity is the very essence of their craft. However, not every engineer fully appreciates that creative excellence can help define a brand image – and that this is a very important asset.

    Brand definition

    So, how can your company exploit that asset to maximum advantage? A good starting point is to pinpoint the company’s purpose and values by listing them out in order of importance. Put together, they represent your brand and this is what drives your organisation and helps you to stand out from the competition.

    By taking this structured approach, you will understand what it is that has helped to retain your existing customers and you can use it to win more.

    Brand Development

    The skill is then to communicate those brand values to the marketplace as not simply features of your company but tangible and relevant customer benefits. Self-assessment in this context is never easy and we find ourselves, as communications practitioners, able to assist in the process by introducing the element of objectivity. Translating your purpose and values from words into something more tangible – a website, a press article, some packaging – requires careful and informed consideration.

    Brand Delivery

    This is where your brand takes physical shape and engages with your target audience, through creative use of the myriad of media channels available, to change or endorse the way your company is perceived, so that you are chosen over your competitors.

    A brand, then, isn’t a logo or a strapline or a colour scheme; it’s a company ethos wrapped up and presented in a manner that appeals to a prospective customer and delivers that all-important message of engineering excellence.