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  • 06 October 2015

    A Guide to Guerrilla Marketing

    There are many marketing strategies that companies can use, but depending on your business some may be more relevant than others.

    If you are a small business this may just be the strategy for you.

    We know it’s a dog eat dog world out there and it can be difficult for smaller businesses to compete with the larger more well-known brands. This is why we are presenting you with a guide on how to combat these companies head on.

    We are all aware of the term Guerrilla Warfare, when a small group of militants use military tactics to ambush larger, less mobile traditional armies.

    Now, we aren’t suggesting that you go out of your way to ambush their stores, however, we do suggest using a little Guerrilla Marketing.

    So what is Guerrilla marketing?

    Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional way of reaching large audiences without spending a fortune. Similar to that of the Guerrilla Warfare it requires high energy and imaginative tactics that will take the consumer by surprise and leave a lasting impression.

    Companies can produce one simple campaign targeted at their specific audience and as long as it is creative and clever enough it will be spread by word of mouth and go viral.

    This is becoming easier than ever with social media fighting your corner and helping ramp up the buzz around your campaign.

    If you read our August Newsletter you will know that these campaigns are usually boosted by companies and individuals who news-jack.

    This is a particularly useful strategy for small businesses to adopt as it is low cost and has the possibility of reaching a large audience, IF it’s executed properly.

    It is such a successful tactic that even large companies like Coca Cola have gone back to basics and adopted it to complement their current marketing efforts.

    Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

    1) Make it clever and memorable.

    Visa - Smashed window advertising campaign

    2) Make it interactive and dynamic.

    Simpsons Movie- Escalator adversiting campaign

    3) Make it charming and engaging.

    Coca-Cola - Happiness machine advertising campaign

    By following these examples and tactics you can surprise and interact with your target audience and watch as they do the hard work, spreading the word about your company for you.

    If you’re feeling creative, speak to Kirsty to discuss how to start your Guerrilla Marketing campaign.