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  • 27 March 2017

    OBP: Client Case Study

    OBP: Client Case Study

    Since CMA started working with OBP Motorsport in 2015, a whole range of activities have been planned and executed, and OBP Motorsport have embraced one key element of what CMA have to offer more than any other: strategic and tactical support.

    More than pretty pictures

    CMA have worked with OBP on a variety of on- and offline campaigns, with CMA advising on, and negotiating the various media deals. These included display advertising, as well as on-line advertising campaigns in magazines including Race Tech, Race Car Engineering and TKC.

    In addition, CMA further negotiated promotional deals with the likes of the 750 Motor Club and the British Racing and Sports Car Club, which involved running display ads and website banners, leaflet distribution as well as editorial pieces in newsletters.

    CMA advised on the strategy and tactics on all these campaigns, and after successfully negotiating deals to fit within OBPs budget, ensured all materials were provided and released in time, according to the pre-agreed schedule.

    Co-ordinated Campaigns

    This approach has allowed OBP to run co-ordinated and targeted campaigns, timed to ensure maximum coverage with the intended target audience. As OBP have a number of different products and services, that are each suitable for specific audience, it is important to ensure the right person receives the right message that is relevant to them from OBP.

    Working within a pre-agreed schedule, does not mean inflexibility, however. Throughout the year, CMA managed to negotiate additional deals, including a sponsorship of a series, and work this into the budget either by replacing other planned campaigns, or utilising the money freed up in negotiations, where CMA had managed to bring the media price down to below the scheduled budget. This allowed OBP to make effective use of some of the opportunities that were brought in throughout the year.

    For the majority of marketing campaigns, including their presence at the Autosport International show, OBP seek CMA’s advice in regular monthly meetings, where the various initiatives are discussed, ideas generated and plans drawn up. These “sounding board” meetings are proving exceedingly useful as, Grant Lockhead, OBP’s founder and Managing Director explains: “I always enjoy the regular meetings we have with CMA. It ensures that we stay focussed on what needs doing and actually also generates a lot of useful ideas that we can take forward. I always really like the additional ideas and details that CMA come up with to make sure all our campaigns are as effective as they possibly can be. I enjoy working with CMA a lot and the benefits are very clear to see.”